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Links on Cookies

Below are links on various aspects of Cookies which are an HTTP State Management Mechanism.  For the latest developments with Cookies, see the Cookies category under Privacy at my Directory.  This purpose of this page is to assist others (and myself) to find information on cookies.  I am currently working on a history of cookies, so any updated or additional information would be appreciated.

Background Info on Cookies - Basic Definition - Overview of Cookies - Whalen, David. The Unofficial Cookie FAQ. 2.53. - An excellent book on cookies by Simon St. Laurent, Cookies. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1998. - Basic History

Technical - Ongoing development of the Technical specifications for cookie - The Proposed Standard for Cookies, RFC 2109 HTTP State Management Mechanism - "Cookies" (client-side persistent information and their use). Netscape Technical Note 20019 - Netscape cookie specification - INFORMATION BULLETIN on Internet Cookies by CIAC (security issues)

Articles on Cookies - Bruner, Rick E. "’Cookie’ proposal could hinder online advertising." Advertising Age, March 31 1997b. - Bruner, Rick E. "Advertisers win one in debate over ‘cookies’." Advertising Age, May 12 1997a. - Basic info on cookies and how to use them - BAKED IN THE MIDDLE Consumer comfort vs. smart marketing - Cookies violate assumption that Web surfing is anonymous, (Computerworld, 6 October 1997), by Craig Horrocks and Averill Parkinson,10000,0-1003-200-317924,00.html - Macavinta, Courtney. "Surfer Tracking Limits Applauded." CNET, April 7 1997. - College Paper titled Privacy - A Necessary Part of the "Cookie" Recipe by Thomas Etzel - The Promise of One to One (A Love Story) By Chip Bayers The honeymoon’s over. A new look at the Web’s true power to serve and sell you. - Vonder Haar, Steven. "Search Engines, Cookies to Track Personal Tastes." Inter@ctive Week, July 23 1996.

Webreview - Fogle, Mark E. Christmas Cookies Anyone. Webreview, Dec 20 1996.,1510,6301,00.html - McWilliams, Brian. "Cookies: There Are Good Uses, Too." PC World, March 30 1998 - Lynch, Dianne. "Without a Rulebook: Cyberspace Presents Journalists with an Entirely New Set of Ethical Dilemmas." American Journalism Review January/February (1998). - Gaudet, Dean. Cookies, Dialogues, and Tracking. Jan 18 1997 - Glave, James. "Next Netscape Will Chew Cookies on Command." Wired, Feb 22 1997.

Staten, James. "Navigator Tricks Raise Concerns." MacWeek, March 18 1996, 18.

Cookie Utilities

Consumer Groups - Info on cookies - Center for Media Education, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Consumer Federation of American Consumer Project on Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Privacy Information Center, National Association of Elementary School Principals, NetAction, Privacy International, United States Privacy Council, and and more than 100 Internet Users. Net Users Urge Standards Group to Protect Privacy. April 7 1997 - JUNKBUSTERS Alert on Web Privacy - Junkbusters links to information on cookies - How Web Servers’ Cookies Threaten Your Privacy - Hartley, Peter F. Comments of Netscape Concerning Consumer On-line Privacy - P954807. Netscape, 1997.

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