I am currently working as a data scientist.  You can find out more on my work experience at my LinkedIn profile page.

I am also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago and recently taught for Computer Systems Technology at Illinois State University.  My main research focus is the public policy implications stemming from the design of information technologies.  An emerging secondary focus is surveillance systems in Chicago.

My past research has focused on defaults and open standards, you can find more in the Publications section.

My recent research focuses on Chicago's use of video surveillance and smart cameras. I published an empirical study on surveillance cameras and crime in Chicago, an exploratory study on the effectiveness of red light cameras in Chicago, and have written a draft book chapter on the recent history of surveillance in Chicago

I post on Chicago's cameras at EyeingChicago.com.  My research focusing on data visualization and analysis can be found at MiningChi.com.  I have also made many media appearances as an expert on video surveillance in Chicago as well as the emergence of smart camera systems.

Current Research Projects:

    Book chapter on surveillance in Chicago
    Data visualization using Chicago crime data
    Analysis of red light camera (tickets/accidents)
    Accident Heat Map for Chicago
    Analyzing public policy implications of government use of predictive models